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If you’ve always shared our passion for Twisping, then why not enrich your whole experience by joining our user program? As a Twisp® Up member you can enjoy even more exclusive benefits, rewards and instant savings while conveniently receiving your monthly supply of Twisp® products to your doorstep.

10% Instant Discount

Free Delivery

VIP Offers

OPT Out Any Time

Access To Pre-Releases

Wallet Build

The Twisp® Up program is designed with you in mind! We want to make shopping with Twisp® as easy and convenient as possible. You can opt out or pause your Twisp® Up delivery at any time as well as change your order at your fingertips. What’s more, you’ll receive 10% off each monthly order just for signing up along with a monthly Twisp® Wallet build that you can spend on any product you choose after an eight-month period.

How it works

It’s that simple! All you need to do is select a Twisp® Up tier that suits you, choose your flavours and coils and your monthly order will be delivered to your doorstep every month.

Your Twisp® Up delivery will be automatically shipped and debited each month unless you change or pause your order. Your selection of products can be amended on a monthly basis however we will take an order as confirmed if not updated or paused 5 days before your payment date. Don’t worry we’ll send you monthly reminders! Your designated delivery and payment date will be assigned based on the day you sign up.

Your chosen tier will determine your monthly wallet build, the higher the tier the more wallet build you receive. This wallet build can be spent on any products of your choice after an eight-month cycle. Keep an eye out on the check out page or visit the ‘My Subscriptions’ page via your profile to check your wallet amount and when this will be released. Remember if you pause or cancel your subscription (which you can do at any time) your wallet will fall away.

As a Twisp® Up member you’ll receive special offers and discounts as well as pre-releases on new products so watch out for these special emails to take advantage of the perks of Twisp® Up.

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